DAY19: gOinG aLpIn

The day of leaving Geiranger started with rain. We drove up the pass road, which leaded us directly in an absolutly arctic region, with snow and frozen lakes. At the peak of the pass we followed a toll road up to Dalesnipa, which brang us even higher upto aproximately 1500 metres above sea level. It was an absolutly stunning view over the geiranger fiord and all the peaks around us. After all the climbing we had several kilometers of downhill in front of us – about 15 kilometres of its lengh in tunnels, with an amazing steep. At the bottom we drove into a small village called Hjelle, where we droped in an former grocery story which was converted to super cute café. After this last coffee stop we headed towards the biggest European glacier called Jostedalsbreen. When we’ve arrived there rain falls again, but anyway we decided to walk up at the glacier tongue in hope of a dry walk. While returning wet at our busses we decide to head for a hytte, where we was able to sit on a dry veranda, doing some barbcue hand having a  cool can of beer — a perfect end of an impressing day. Still to say, Ändu did slept in his bus. 😉

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