DAY21: a tOwn, TReE eXplORerS, A dOzeNd oF pINTs of BeER, hUNdReDs oF dRUnKeN yOUngSteRs

The day of say good bye to our temporary journey fellow Felix. We droped Felix at the airport of Bergen, after having a proper breakfast at a local bakery. After dropping Felix we headed to find a camping, which we found after some orientation complications. 🙂 And we found not only a camping we found the worst ever seen, yeah. But at least it was quite city centered. But good thing was, if you do have such a camping you won’t come back too early in the evening. 😉 So after catching the bus, we did some hours of sight seeing, before we went to have our supper town down. While having the supper streets wasn’t very crowded, but after some more pints of beer it started to be very livley around the center. After an other couples of bars and beers the crowed became real drunk. Around 02.00 a.m. we had a lot of fun to see all the youngsters trying to walk stright. great. That was time to seek the night bus…

2 Kommentare zu “DAY21: a tOwn, TReE eXplORerS, A dOzeNd oF pINTs of BeER, hUNdReDs oF dRUnKeN yOUngSteRs

  1. ho guys – hard to see you traveling further without me :-(((
    as the norwegians says: TAKK FOR TUREN :-)) had a lot of fun and got 2 new collegs 😉
    don`t get to much inspired by the „norsk festekulturen“, but a little, you can of course.. YEAHHH!!
    my last tips to you to become real „norske hardinga“:
    forget snuff – use SNUS
    cut out cigars – smoke RULLINGS
    trow away kaffi träsch – fill in KARSK

    have a good+save tripp home, my friends – wELcoMe bACk!!

    • thanx felix same of our side, but as yesterday’s evening shows, it’s hard to convert Thömu and Ändu even tu town people, don’t ask about Norwegians. 😉 Quess we will keep on hearing a Moutothaler Schottisch from Ändu’s cell phone. 😀 Unfortunately the weather just became perfect after we’ve drop you off, real a shame. Till Soon — maybe even in August a SCC, yeah.

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