DAY22: fInALLy gREat wEAthEr, a lOt oF FerRiEs aNd A bROkeN sTarTer.

After going to beat at 04.00 a.m. we went up allready 09.00 a.m. with out any suffering from last nights consumation — ok, little. 😉 This day was one of the sunniest, hotest and nices days so far — the norway we dreamed of it. we headed down from Bergen to Stavanger. There were about three tunnels below the fjord and three ferries to cross the fjords. The tunnels were amazing, the longes was 8 kilometer, which leads us down to 264 metres below sea level, that means 4 kilometers down and 4 kilometres up — quite steep for a fivtheen hundred. 🙂 In Stavanger we’ve visited the very interessted museum of oil — ok, you obviousely see who sponsored that one, but still very interessting and educational. The only bad thing of this day was, that my starter has gone, but luckywise i’ve got an army conversion, what means, that i’ve got a crank, that saved me of pushing the bus on each time. Yeah, it gives you a little «before war feeling» when you have to start your van on a ferry by crank — if it works, awsome, if not, shiiit. Now we are staying for over night at the ferry station of Lauvvik, where we want to catch the ferry to Lysebotn tomorrow 0900 — let’s see what will happen …

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