DAY15: rEaL nOrWegiAn SigHt sEeing

Bright weater, an alarm clock that rang early 0900 a.m. and a day in front of us, with a real exiciting sight seeing tour across «Trivelig Trøndelag» vw scene. We really want to say thanx so much to Einar the best guide in town. Also thanx to Screwdriver Andres for his time and alle the cool accessories demonstration and Kjell for showing us the most beautiful VW museum in Norway. So enjoy the pict without any comment, an we enjoy our «Norsk Øret» by our chief Felix, really delisous — even Hard-Core-Meet-Loving-Ändu starts eating fish.

DAY14: TEaR dRoPs oN mY wINdwo and On my ChEeks, CaUseD bY tHe NorWEgiAn WeAther

We waked up around 10 o’clock — rain, we’ve eaten breakfast at half past eleven — rain, i downloaded all the pictures — rain, i’ve checked the broadcast — rain, we cooked some coffee — rain, we farted, pissed, drank øl, eat chips — rain, rain, rain. 14.33 — rain, 16.54 even more rain, 17.21 rain, rain rain — water, water water, i hate it. 18.14 it stops, yeah. 18.40 we headed out to some bronze age stone scatches. Cause of this effore we gain a proper dinner — Norwegian mexican wraps, mhhh. To the Wienderbrød desert Therje apeared to join us with some ciggarres and some glases of whiskey — it’s rerain again. phäää.

DAY13: nEW dIfFreNt DaY, SaMe oLD RAIn

The starts, as the last one ends. And even my clothes was the same wet as they have been yesterday, when i went a sleep — oink really uuugglly, and so was my mood for the first few ours of the day. It went a little better after a cup of coffee and two wienerbrød in a bakery in Selbu. At Selbu we planed to spend our weekend at the local sommer festival, which took place at this weekend. But first we had to head on to Felix’s place in Hommelvik. Felix planed to finish his work at 3 o’clock, but cause of the stressy time he finally did it back home at 1700. Luckywise he left the doors open for us and we were able to take a shower, wash some clothes and doing some internet posts and bloggs, before we went to trondheim to do some sighseeing. But when we arrived it restarted to rain and i decide to spend the one and a halft our in a Café, instead of joining the other two’s on a sight seeing tour. After returning to Hommelvik and welcoming Felix, we did a welcoming Swiss supper — Cheese Fondue. After this cheesy evening, a couple of Villiger Ciggarres and some «Kafi Schnapps» we went down to the local bar called Rampa. Thömu invited the locals to «Black Cocaine» known in Switzerland as «Schnupf», they became immediately friend, at least when he tried «Snus», the Norwegian Tobbacco specialety, what you put between your upper lever and your front tooth — horrible if not used to it since birth. 🙂

DAY12: lEavIng, VisIting, rAinIng

After leaving the abondoned vally back to civilisation. We hit several narrow roads with cottages at its side. After a day of driving almost untared roads only, we redecovered the quality of tar. We headed further to direction Røros — an old an traditional mining village, where they dug for cupper over 300 years. We visited the old wooden twon and the museum in the former cupper meltery. Before leaving Røros direction Olavsgruva, we enforced us with a delicous Gulrot-soup (Carrot-soup). Unfortunately we found the Olavsgruva allready closed when we’ve arrived. So we was only able to look a little around the mining area, but not the caves. So we leaved to direction of trondheim through the white marked roads, which leads us over some fjells down to a narrow vally, where we’ve parked on a rest point. While parking the rain starts. Never the less we did heated in the grill and stuffed it with some meet and fish, still raining, and get worse. so after one or two cups of «Kafi-Schnapps» the wind becam stormy and we’ve decided to move into the Westy till it will stop, but it won’t…

DAY11: oVer nIghT in AN aBAndoned VaLLy

This beautiful day starts with a founds of two T2’s a side of a small shop. After a brief talk to a shop worker we started to climb the fjell. On its top we found ourself in completely different landscape. It looks like an Alp scenery in a hight of ca 2500 m. We were completely faszinated by its wide and sights, so we did bus-hiking — stop and go for several kilometers while taking hundreds of pictures, finally we did an other thömu-rösti-pic-nic to get relaxed. Our main goal for next day was the Røros cupper mines. Cause of having still enough time to do the trip, we decided to take some really small roads and trying to cross an other Fjiell. We did cross a bunch of «bom stasjons» and dozens of spare time cottages, but by the end our crossing failed at a undrivable path. Good thing was the found overnight place just a few meters away at old abondoned farm. With all the founden stuff around the houses, we were able to build us a really cosy camp site. And after the clouds has gone and the last sunrays of this great day has broken through, Thömu did bunch of «Kafi Trasch» and to finish this day, a fabulous crispy Rösti on the fire place — just gorgeous.

DAY10: bAcK oN thE RoAd — finAlLy

I’ve to had get up a quarter to seven with the others at a quarter to seven. Kaj took me to the Triconor AS (, where i’ve had to bring the yesterdays picked up part to. So the Lady told me that my bus will be fixed around noon, yeah!!! After leaving the ventilator at Triconor SA, Kaj droved me to the tunnelbana and i went to arkerbrygge to have a coffee and some sights to boats and blonds. While sitting there nipping my coffee and awaiting some blondes to look at, the idea of using my data-sim-card in my cell phone came up to my head. After installing everything i dialed the first number, but instead of ringing a gently norwegian record voice appeared that wanted to tell something, but i hadn’t absolutelly no clue what that voice meant. After almost an hour at the telecom shop and a changed price plan i was able to do voice call — great that saves money. I’ve just headed out the shop to got to the garage where i hoped to find the finished car. yes, they finished the van, so i’ve were able to hit the road to find the other two of our tribe. I’ve met them early evening about an four hour drive further north at the camping site in Dovre.

DAY09: nO bUs, nO dRiVe — bUt a LOt oF hElpfUl gUys

after the late night engine check, i was sure the source of the noise was in the generator, so after a brief phone call with Kaj, we decided to double check our thoughts today’s morning with André, and decide then, if we go further up north or goto the shop. But early morning i was awaked by Kaj’s nocking to the bus‘ window, cause he wanted to see/hear it by himself. After talking to Kaj and André i’ve decided to solve the problem down here in Oslo, also cause Øystein did recommend a shop, which is specialized in alternators and starters. So Thömu and Ändu did there way further north while i was bringing my bus to the shop and hit the road by foot — quite strange when you find yourself suddenly without a car. Nevertheless i used the time to relax and blogging untill the bad news has arrived that aside of the ball bearrings also the fan itself was broken and it will last up to 3 day till it will arrived. Luckywise Kay organised a self-pick-up-trip for the evening, so i was able to drive his — huuu — water cooled mercedes to pick up the missing fan 80 km outside Oslo in Cagero kind of shop called Hotshop ( ) — kind of strange to drive such modern cars, but it was wounderful to be back on the road anyway. 😉 For tonight i’m able to stay at Kaj’s, Fia’s and their son martin’s flat — thanx so much.

DAY08: a SUnNy swEDiSh sUndAy

After ou «Norwegian «frokost» we headed initalelly back to the swap meet, where i meat Roger a Swedish vw collector since early 7oies. We had a really funny conversation about his trips to central europe in an 53 ambulance a 48 bug and a late 60 bus. During the afternoon all the aircooled settled down on the main square, and we begun to reallize the dimension of this even. so i took the change to flyer all of them but unfortunatelly i haven’t engouht flyers with me — hopefully we’ll bring some new fellows onto bUGbUs.nEt 🙂 the way back home to oslo was a piece of cake compared with the trip to Mantrop, so it lasted les than 8 hours to get home, where i’ve had to say byebye to most of the crew — time to say thanx for speaking that often in English. Unfortunately a strange sound apears in the back of the bus, luckywise only wile the engine was on stand by throttle. but when we did arrived in Oslo it became worse…

DAY07: biG BUg RuN fUn

After the endless time of rain and storm, the wind kept but the clouds went. A beautiful morning welcomed us at Mantrop Park. We headed immediately to the swap meet, where i droped in to the very first know fellow — Mark Merz. 🙂 After doing a quick round through all the booths, i have allready had spend a big bunch of my money, so for the second closer look i had to calm down first. The Bugrun is a huge party with a huge amount of water cooled cars, it was quite hard to say how many cars there are, even hard to say how many air cooled ones, cause the area is that huge. Unfortunately when the quarter mile race has begun there has started to rerain too. so we were able only to see a very few rides. Cause of the rain we headed out to Lindköping for dinner with all of the «Sechs in a Volkswagen» and some other friends. When we came back the we went down cruising through u-street where the whole part took place — really kind of crazy.

DAY06: GrAY aNd rAiNy RoAds tO sWeDen

While waking up, rain drops hit the roof of the bus. Unbelivable after this cloudless night. so that was the beginning of the worst day sofar. After separating from Ändu and Thömu, i’ve droved back to ekebergs camping site to park the car outside, where i did the appointment with Kaj after finishing his jobs. I decided to sneak into the camping side’s kitchen to do some older blog message, but it ended up in a full support hour with the laptop – while raining outside. After meeting Kay and picking up his stuff, we headed direction south sweden. So the whole trip last about 11 hours and it was rather water than air cooled – quess we didn’t turn off the wiper once. After a late night dinner at McDonald near Jonköping, we’ve finally arrived at Mantrop Park at 3.00 a.m., and after a police ordered «blow job» with in the camp site, we felt finally to our hard earned sleep – still rainy and stormy.