DAY25: DrIViNg, DriVInG, DRIvIng

While getting up, it was still very cloudy and rainy. Cause i’ve stood up little earlier than the other guys, i’ve had my last awful scandinavian style coffee, but also may last so loved wienerbrød. Today’s goal was to get to Ben’s place in Frankfurt between 19.00 to 20.00 — we didn’t succeed, even we’ve just had a brake to refill petrol. With each our this day became hotter and hotter, kind of horrible, if you just came out of an refrigerator country. By the end we’ve arrived at Ben’s place* around 9.30 p.m., where we’ve were also welcomed by Dennis and his girlfriend Claudia *(actually Dennis father’s place, where the two guys fixing up there BD’s). Unfortunately, Ben has to leave almost immediately after exchanging the parts, so we’ve discussed still some time with Dennis and Claudia, when we’ve decided to stay at Dennis father’s place for overnight — having our last bottle of wine.

DAY24: tHE dAys bECaME bRiGHter aND HoTteR, bUt sHOrtEr

After leaving our nice, but last overnight place in Norway, we headed down approximately 65 km to Kristiansand, where we have to take the ferry to Hirshals (DK). We have had still 2 hours to wait untill it leaves, therefore we went into the town to have some ice cream and short nap in the park — we’ve rather didn’t, cause after standing out i didn’t notice, that my small box with all of my cards slipped out of my pocket — Kaj, now i know like you felt in Mantrop. So, no money, no funny — or at least almost no money, not that funny. 😉 After arriving at Hirshals, we’ve decided to do another of couples of kilometers. So, we’ve driven till 23.00 p.m. when we’ve found an motorway restpoint to stay overnight.

DAY23: sUNny fRom The BeGinNing tiLL thE enD — aLmost.

We started our day quite early at 0800 a.m., cause we’ve had to catch the tourist ferry to Lyseboten. Everything went well even my no starter bus starts at the second try, by down hill starting. so we went directly to the ferry, where i’ve stopped the engine and forget it for almost 2 hours. The curise was just perfect, we’were able to see a lot of things, like sea eagles, seals, base jumpers and several interessing rocks. 😉 When we’ve arrived at Lyseboten, we took a sunbath, which was interrupted by Sven, a Australian/German base jumper who owened the same bus as Ändu has for about 10 years. So this scenery was quite shaky, cause he immediately has got a huge flash back of all the adventures he has had with his bus. After climbing the 27 serpentines of the Lyseboten pass, Ändu and Thömu took a hundreds of pictures of these impressive landscape on top of the fjell. A little later i’ve recongnized two places i’ve stopped with Paolo and Marc in 2007 — yeah, guys this was a real great trip, we’ve spent. After our sunny fjell trip, we’ve ended up at Setesdal on a superb over night place founded by Ändu and Thömu — thanx dudes.

DAY22: fInALLy gREat wEAthEr, a lOt oF FerRiEs aNd A bROkeN sTarTer.

After going to beat at 04.00 a.m. we went up allready 09.00 a.m. with out any suffering from last nights consumation — ok, little. 😉 This day was one of the sunniest, hotest and nices days so far — the norway we dreamed of it. we headed down from Bergen to Stavanger. There were about three tunnels below the fjord and three ferries to cross the fjords. The tunnels were amazing, the longes was 8 kilometer, which leads us down to 264 metres below sea level, that means 4 kilometers down and 4 kilometres up — quite steep for a fivtheen hundred. 🙂 In Stavanger we’ve visited the very interessted museum of oil — ok, you obviousely see who sponsored that one, but still very interessting and educational. The only bad thing of this day was, that my starter has gone, but luckywise i’ve got an army conversion, what means, that i’ve got a crank, that saved me of pushing the bus on each time. Yeah, it gives you a little «before war feeling» when you have to start your van on a ferry by crank — if it works, awsome, if not, shiiit. Now we are staying for over night at the ferry station of Lauvvik, where we want to catch the ferry to Lysebotn tomorrow 0900 — let’s see what will happen …

DAY21: a tOwn, TReE eXplORerS, A dOzeNd oF pINTs of BeER, hUNdReDs oF dRUnKeN yOUngSteRs

The day of say good bye to our temporary journey fellow Felix. We droped Felix at the airport of Bergen, after having a proper breakfast at a local bakery. After dropping Felix we headed to find a camping, which we found after some orientation complications. 🙂 And we found not only a camping we found the worst ever seen, yeah. But at least it was quite city centered. But good thing was, if you do have such a camping you won’t come back too early in the evening. 😉 So after catching the bus, we did some hours of sight seeing, before we went to have our supper town down. While having the supper streets wasn’t very crowded, but after some more pints of beer it started to be very livley around the center. After an other couples of bars and beers the crowed became real drunk. Around 02.00 a.m. we had a lot of fun to see all the youngsters trying to walk stright. great. That was time to seek the night bus…

DAY20: rAiN, rAIn, RaIn — tHe bLUEs oF nORwAy

the day started, like it ended with rain and between a couples of hundreds kilometeres, some coffees and me in a bad mood …

DAY19: gOinG aLpIn

The day of leaving Geiranger started with rain. We drove up the pass road, which leaded us directly in an absolutly arctic region, with snow and frozen lakes. At the peak of the pass we followed a toll road up to Dalesnipa, which brang us even higher upto aproximately 1500 metres above sea level. It was an absolutly stunning view over the geiranger fiord and all the peaks around us. After all the climbing we had several kilometers of downhill in front of us – about 15 kilometres of its lengh in tunnels, with an amazing steep. At the bottom we drove into a small village called Hjelle, where we droped in an former grocery story which was converted to super cute café. After this last coffee stop we headed towards the biggest European glacier called Jostedalsbreen. When we’ve arrived there rain falls again, but anyway we decided to walk up at the glacier tongue in hope of a dry walk. While returning wet at our busses we decide to head for a hytte, where we was able to sit on a dry veranda, doing some barbcue hand having a  cool can of beer — a perfect end of an impressing day. Still to say, Ändu did slept in his bus. 😉

DAY18: uP FjEls, dOWn FjOrDs aNd a BUnCH oF CrUIse sHiPs

After the leave of the first mountain visitors, i’ve decided to stand up immediatly, Felix was still suffering from his last nights drinks, so he keept a sleep, till some coaches empty theirs loads of japanese a side of our T1. Good thing the weather brightened up and all four of us started this day with a cup of coffee at the self-service restaurant, before why left this fantastic over night place. On the following hundered kilometres we hit really nice landscapes with ferries, curves and superb pass roads, it’s ended with the stunning view down to the Geiranger Fiord, where we build up our over night camp just above the water line and really beautiful view down the Fiord.

DAY17: FERrIeS, TuNnEls aNd aN mILliOn sTArs oVernIght pLaCe

After our leave of «Ford Farm’s overnight», we did several kilometres on really nice, narrow and curvey roads. Today’s journey took us also over a dozend of bridges, some ferry passings and some under the fiord tunnel passages. A funny thing happened on a petrol station in a small village, where a guy called Odd Rune starts to talk to us cause of the busses. After some car talk, we found out, that he knews well Einar, Øystein and that he’s is neigbour of Anders. That was quite cool — Volkswagen connects! 🙂 After heading on and some other ferries and tunnels, we’ve arrived in the beautiful old twon of Ålesund, where we’ve took some time for having some food, sight seeing and climbing over dozends of stair steps the town’s own mountain called Aksla. While beeing up there enjoying its fabulous view over the whole region and climbing around the old war bunkers, we came up with the idea of overnighting up there. After picking up the cars and driving up. After parking the cars and picking up all Øl (beer), win and chips, we walked up to the former founden pic-nic place. While we packed the stuff an T5 Westy arrived, with Bern’s registration plates, and after an other half an hour Christin and Steffu joined us also at our huge and warm fire on top of town’s mountain — awsome…

DAY16: lEAvIng FeLIx pLacE aNd heAdIng BaCk SOuTH.

After the weekend at Felix’s place we were looking forwards to hit the road again. Our today’s target was Kristiansund and the «Atlantic Road», a small stripe of tar that connects several small islands. To get there we had some Fjords and Fjiells ahead, with some really cool small roads. After seeing the game Switerland vs Chile, headed to «Atlantic Road». Even the «Atlanic Road» wasn’t less than 10km, it was an impressiv one. The landscape became really rought and wild. After passing the «Atlantic Road» we’ve started to look for a comfortable overnight stay. While searching we passed suddenly a kind of Ford only junk yard, called «Ford Farm». We stopped immediately and started to talk with the owner a freaky mid 40 guy. It was really awsome, a bunch of several decades of Ford was standing all over — just amazing. The guy recommended us a place at a little local harbor only a few hundreds metres further — it was a number one hint. After installing our «camp», we decided to put on a fire and best mother nature delivered every thing we needed to build up an wind protected and save fireplace — the top of an empty barrel, a worn computer case, some roof pannels made from aluminium, some old paletts and wood. Felix went out for fishing and within half an hour he returned with two small once, which he cooked in a delicious way, Thömu did in the same time an out standing pork filet. After all it becam a really great and funny evening with a lot of «Kafi Schnapps», «Läckerli» and some Villigers.